What is UPashion?

UPashion is a fashion and style magazine which is made by your pictures and street pictures around the world to bring you the hottest universal styles. On the street is where we find our inspiration – real people that spark the ideas of popular fashion for others, including fashion designers.

Why do I need my own account?

With your own account you can post pictures to the site and share your styles with others.

What is UPashion's target audience?

Anyone who loves fashion and beauty.

Why do I need to provide my location to sign up?

We want to give members the chance to view styles from different locations, and also to provide you with information relevent to your area. If you prefer not to share your location with others, you can hide it in your account settings.

Why do I need to provide my birthday to sign up?

We require a minimum age of 13 to sign up for UPashion. Your age will also be shown when you upload a picture or post an article. If you would prefer not to share your age, you can hide it in your account settings.

How can I get more people to “UP” my styles?

UPashion is a magazine and blog created to inspire others. Please be liberal with complimenting others' work. You can put comments under posts, or you can click “UP” button. The more active you are on Upashion, the more visibility for you and what you post.

How can I get my uploads featured in the UPashion magazine?

UPashion will choose images for the magazine based on styles we think are especially unique or trendy. You can also increase you chances of being featured by receiving many “UPs” on your style.

Are there any rules for what my pictures can contain?

Posting Rules (from Terms of Use)

  1. All photos posted must be full-body (head-to-knee or neck-to-toe) photos. - Any photo that fails to display at least head-to-knees or neck-to-toe may be deleted.
  2. Outfits must be unobstructed, clearly visible and free from unnecessary distractions. - If an outfit is partially obstructed from view or not FULLY and CLEARLY visible for ANY reason (blurriness, poor lighting, subject fails to take up a significant portion of the photo) may be deleted from UPashion. Excessive photo editing in the form of skewing, stretching, colorizing, or adding gratuitous text is prohibited.
  3. No nudity, sexual, or objectionable content. - Nudity of any kind is not allowed. Photos or content with sexual or otherwise objectionable poses or material will be removed at the moderator’s discretion. Whether a photo or posted content contains nudity, is sexual in nature, or is objectionable will be determined exclusively by the opinion of the site moderator. Such material will be removed. The user who posted the material may also be banned from the UPashion community.
  4. No more than one look per photo. - Photos that display multiple people or multiple outfits for any reason may be removed.
  5. All photos must be of you. - By posting a photograph, you promise that YOU are the person in the photograph. Only photos of yourself are allowed. Photos of strangers, friends, models, people you styled, etc. may be removed.
  6. Include one or two full-body photos with up to 5 detail shots as either a collage or separate images. Check out the posts of UPashion members to get an idea of typical submissions.
  7. DO NOT post photos that don’t belong to you. - Impersonators and users who post photos they do not own the rights to will be immediately banned from the community. If you are not sure whether you have legal rights to post a photograph, please contact the site administrator or your personal attorney before posting. By posting, you agree to the rules of the UPashion community and your postings may be used in whatever way UPashion determines.
  8. Do not use group photos - UPashion posts are limited to one person/outfit per submission, and photos with multiple people or separate outfits may be removed.

Here are three different examples:

  1. If your picture clearly shows details, you can combine several pictures into a collage. Please do not combine more than three views.

    Example UploadExample Upload

  2. If your picture has items you would like to show close-ups of, you should combine one larger full-body picture with up to five detailed shots.

    Example UploadExample Upload

  3. These are examples for the Beauty section. You can upload your make-up picture with detailed shots, or you can upload one simple picture, but do not post more than five detailed shots. Please don't forget to put the make-up information and list of products you used.

    Example UploadExample Upload

Of course, you may also choose to just upload the picture by itself without providing different or detailed looks.

I see "Shared" or "Not shared" next to my upload. What do these mean?

These refer to the permission you've given UPashion to use or not use the content you upload. A shared upload can be used by the UPashion staff as featured content in our magazine or for other purposes. An item that is not shared cannot be used by our staff. If you do not wish to share your uploads with us, you can change this status up to 24 hours after you've uploaded your content by clicking on "edit". We encourage you to share your content with us, but we understand that this might in some user's best interests.

You can also change the default setting under account settings->privacy so you don't have to uncheck the box everytime you upload an image or article.

How can I apply to be a reporter?

Whether you are working towards a career in the fashion and beauty industries, or if you are just pursuing a personal interest, we encourage you to apply. Please click on the “Apply” link in the site footer for more information.

Tip: Experience with editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, photography experience or strong writing skills, or just a good sense of makeup and style will help you find success as a UPashion reporter.

Can I share a link to UPashion on my site?

Of course. Click here for some guidelines and examples.

Can I follow other people on UPashion?

Unfortunately, you cannot follow anyone yet. However, as the site grows, we will be working on implementing exciting new features.

I'm receiving an error when trying to upload an image. What's wrong?

To help keep the load on our servers down, we have imposed several restrictions on the images that can be uploaded:

  1. Images must be either in JPEG (.jpg) or PNG format.
  2. Images can have a max height of 6000 pixels, a max width of 6000 pixels and a max size of 8 megabytes.
  3. Images must have a width larger than 300 pixels and a height larger than 300 pixels. Images smaller than this will appear blurry. It's advised to upload images at least 600x600 for the best quality.
  4. Images that are too tall (a height greater than 1.75 times the width) or too wide (a height less than ½ of the width) will be rejected. This is too ensure all content is displayed properly and fairly.

Additionally, if you image is much too large, you might receive a “file not found” error.

How can I confirm my image's size?

Windows XP:

Right click on your picture file and select properties. You can verify the file format under “Type of File” and file size under “Size”. To check the pixel size, click on the summary tab. Here you can verify both the height and width of the image. (if it's not showing, click on the advanced button)

Windows 7/Vista:

Right click on your picture file and select properties. You can verify the file format under “Type of File” and file size under “Size”. To check the pixel size, click on the details tab. Here you can verify both the height and width of the image under “Image”.

Mac OSX:

Ctrl+click an image and select “Get Info” or highlight an image and select File->Get Info. Under “General”, you can verify the file format under “Kind” and file size under “Size”. Under “More Info” you can verify the height and width under “Dimensions”. The first number is the width and the second number is height.

How can I change size of my image?

You can use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or one of the free alternatives on the web. We suggest either Pixlr or Photoshop Express (no installation needed for either). If you would prefer a application you can install, we suggest Paint.net (easy) or GIMP (more advanced).

How do I deactivate my account?

You must login first.

  1. Find the account menu on the top-right side of UPashion.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. At the bottom of Account Settings, you will find “Deactivate Account.”

Caution: If you deactivate, you will lose all content you have uploaded.

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