Everything is in the sole!

It is always good to keep in touch with former High School mates. Some become doctors, others, teachers and there is Fleur Linet who created her own shoe brand LbyO. Obviously, at first sight, her shoes are classy four-inch-high stilettos. But the real invention and creativity of the brand is to engrave a poetic sentence (in gold!) within the sole. Who said that fashion cannot be witty? LbyO engraves poetic sentences from Baudelaire and by doing so creates a bridge between fashion and literature.

LbyO didn’t go unnoticed for long. The two designers Fleur and Marie did a great job in order to make the brand known and it is quite a success. One day, I just opened Grazia and I was so stunned to see a picture of Fleur giving marks about stars’ looks.

Mystery and seduction are the motto of the brand. These shoes are such a good way to attract the eye of handsome guys in the street. The golden sentence will flicker as you walk. And soon, you’ll feel just like Cinderella waiting for the prince to put the glass slipper on your foot.

So if you want to wear a shie that has Parisian elegance, trust me the LbyO shoes are for you. And I can assure you that they are very comfy (true story I love Converse and I hardly never wear high heels but with those you can run the New York marathon without blisters!).

So listen up guys! You want to propose to your fiancé in a ver...


The Lady With Red Nails : Diana Vreeland

Don't worry, The Eye Has To Travel although it is a documentary is absolutely not boring. "Boring" is a word that Diana Vreeland loathed.

The movie is actually better than antidepressant because it is full of good energy. So, even if you don't look like a supermodel, you can succeed in fashion and have confidence in yourself. Even her name "Dalziel" means "dare" in Gaelic. This need for being eccentric is really in her DNA. Indeed, even if I admire Diana Vreeland's personality and work I have to admit that she is not what you can call a beauty. The more important thing for her (same motto for Poiret) was style because "without style you are nobody."

Better than American Idol or Project Runway, Diana Vreeland knew how to launch artistic careers. She was the one who discovered Twiggy, told Manolo Blahnik to be interested in "extremities", that is to say feet, made Mick Jagger known in America because "this boy has such marvelous lips!", turn Angelica Huston into a model (I was astonished to see how beautiful she was because for me she would always be Morticia Addams!) and gave Jackie Kennedy advice for her outfits.

She was a woman who went through the whole 20th century but she was also a kind of a fortune teller because according to her the role of fashion is to "offer what people don't know they want yet".


Le Corner des Créateurs (Paris) Le Corner des Créateurs:Heaven for quirky and beautiful jewelry!

Looking for the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland ? Now you can wear this lovely pink rabbit as a ring! If you prefer Puss in Boots don't worry cats are also available!

If you want to compete with the Bollywood actresses' jewelry the Shourouk collection is for you. It is shiny, full of colors and sure to make people think you are a princess!

Are you tired of necklaces with common messages such as love, freedom or peace? So go for those necklaces which will show your sense of humor or your self-derision. For those who want to play it safe (like me) the Blonde or Modasse necklace is perfect. For those who have a complete faith in themselves they can choose either Emmerdeuse or Cagole !

Even Lady Gaga's fans are not forgotten! If you want to be as close as possible to Lady Gaga you can wear her around you neck!

For those of you who like classy and graphic jewelry, le Corner also proposes less crazy jewelry.

So if you come to Paris run to one of the shops of the Corner des Créateurs in Rue de Lappe. After having done some shopping you can party in a bar because this street is known as the core of Paris night life.



Trends' passing test

Well, I'm going to scan some of the most important trends of this fall in order to tell you if it is :

Great to wear

Wearable only because it is fashionable

Even if it is said to be fashionable I would not wear it.

First, let's start with the Claudine collar. It is definitely part of the first group. I've been wearing collars for two years. When I first wore collars, people used to tell me that I look either like a girl in boarding school or like a snobby woman from the 16th arrondissement. But now as the preppy style is fashionable thanks to Gossip Girl you can't walk in the streets without seeing collars everywhere. I have a special mention for the beaded collar which can give a hint of "couture style" to your outfit. H&M sells some wonderful beaded collars that you can put either on dresses, shirts or sweaters.

Verdict: Definitely a pass with magna cum laude!

Next, I'll deal with the carpet slipper (you know what your grandfather wears !). It appears that now you can't leaf through a magazine without seeing some. There many kinds : studded (if you are rich you can buy the Louboutin's version and if you are looking for a cheaper version go on Topshop.com), with patterns or sequins. Personally I think that the good match is the slipper with sequins because it will enable you to party all night long (because it's comfy...


Barbie is back !

You may be an adult and still love Barbie !

I put my Barbie castle away a long time ago but I can't forget how great this doll is! So, you can't even picture my joy when I found Margaux Lange's work online. She is actually recycling some parts of Barbies in order to transform them into GORGEOUS jewelry. If you want to live your childhood again and be trendy at the same time go to her website http://www.margauxlange.com

Her creations are full of humor. Why offer a ring to propose when you can buy this beautiful necklace in which Barbie says yes to Ken?

You can also wear Ken's abs on your finger (how cool is that??).

Some people says she is mutilating Barbie but I rather think she is giving a second chance to our toys instead of leaving them in an attic.

And for those who think that Barbie is a toy for girls let me tell you that she also creates some double cuffs for you guys!

If you are curious or seeking a gift that will stand out of the crowd, Margaux Lange's jewelry is worth seeing!


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