Everything is in the sole!

Everything is in the sole!

It is always good to keep in touch with former High School mates. Some become doctors, others, teachers and there is Fleur Linet who created her own shoe brand LbyO. Obviously, at first sight, her shoes are classy four-inch-high stilettos. But the real invention and creativity of the brand is to engrave a poetic sentence (in gold!) within the sole. Who said that fashion cannot be witty? LbyO engraves poetic sentences from Baudelaire and by doing so creates a bridge between fashion and literature.

LbyO didn’t go unnoticed for long. The two designers Fleur and Marie did a great job in order to make the brand known and it is quite a success. One day, I just opened Grazia and I was so stunned to see a picture of Fleur giving marks about stars’ looks.

Mystery and seduction are the motto of the brand. These shoes are such a good way to attract the eye of handsome guys in the street. The golden sentence will flicker as you walk. And soon, you’ll feel just like Cinderella waiting for the prince to put the glass slipper on your foot.

So if you want to wear a shie that has Parisian elegance, trust me the LbyO shoes are for you. And I can assure you that they are very comfy (true story I love Converse and I hardly never wear high heels but with those you can run the New York marathon without blisters!).

So listen up guys! You want to propose to your fiancé in a very unique way? Forget about flowers, chocolate or a romantic dinner and buy a pair of “Marry me” stilettos. Even if LbyO is a French brand you’ll find a store in New York. So go on http://www.lbyoshoedesign.com/fr. And who knows - maybe soon there will bags!

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