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UPashion is a fashion and style magazine which is made by your pictures and street pictures around the world to bring you the hottest universal styles. On the street is where we find our inspiration – real people that spark the ideas of popular fashion for others, including fashion designers. As we know these days there are a lot of bloggers and people who want to share their styles. With UPashion you will be the person who discovers and influences fashion trends. Your unique and creative styles will inspire other people, and you will have the chance to draw inspiration from other people's styles.

UPashion wishes to bring the creativity of the community and its people together, and we are accomplishing this goal by showing the Universal sense of style through your Passion for fASHION. Fashions are made by famous name brand designers, but the trends are set by you and everyone else on the streets. It is hardly a trend if the fashion is not worn on the streets. This is why you, the individual, are very important to the fashion world.

As the founder of UPashion, I feel that students and people overall need the chance to share their experiences and works with the community. Through UPashion, you could have the opportunity to be a fashion and beauty writer, photographer, stylist, or even editor. Show UPashion and other people around world what you can do, and develop yourself and help others develop. With UPashion you can network with people within your field, and also get internship experience to strengthen your resume.

We are an eclectic group from a variety of majors and backgrounds that have real passion for what we do. Please enjoy our site and email us what you think!

Style UP,

Mataeo Park

Founder and Publisher
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