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Trends' passing test

Well, I'm going to scan some of the most important trends of this fall in order to tell you if it is :

Great to wear

Wearable only because it is fashionable

Even if it is said to be fashionable I would not wear it.

First, let's start with the Claudine collar. It is definitely part of the first group. I've been wearing collars for two years. When I first wore collars, people used to tell me that I look either like a girl in boarding school or like a snobby woman from the 16th arrondissement. But now as the preppy style is fashionable thanks to Gossip Girl you can't walk in the streets without seeing collars everywhere. I have a special mention for the beaded collar which can give a hint of "couture style" to your outfit. H&M sells some wonderful beaded collars that you can put either on dresses, shirts or sweaters.

Verdict: Definitely a pass with magna cum laude!

Next, I'll deal with the carpet slipper (you know what your grandfather wears !). It appears that now you can't leaf through a magazine without seeing some. There many kinds : studded (if you are rich you can buy the Louboutin's version and if you are looking for a cheaper version go on Topshop.com), with patterns or sequins. Personally I think that the good match is the slipper with sequins because it will enable you to party all night long (because it's comfy...


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